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About the Author

Jeannette DiLouie is a walking contradiction in so many ways.


She’s an absolute introvert who genuinely enjoys getting up and speaking to fellow writers, a college-educated degree holder who is all about self-learning, a writer who can actually take constructive criticism (sometimes better than others, according to her editor), an open-minded intellectual who still has her dearly held beliefs, and a short girl who sometimes forgets that she’s under 5-foot 3.


That last one isn’t really a contradiction, clearly. I suppose it’s more of a lapse in sanity.


Jeannette loves God, her family (including her adorable baby nieces), her friends, writing and reading – in that order. She’s also all about the Stars and Stripes, individuality and her birth state of New Jersey.


Once a Jersey girl, always a Jersey girl.

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I love reading across the writing board.


If you saw my bookshelves at home, you'd see science fiction and non-fiction, historical fiction and non-fiction, Christian fiction and non-fiction, YA, thrillers, fantasy, literary fiction, classics, chick-lit and business books.

Naturally then, I can't pick a genre to write in either.


Here are the four I've tackled at last count...

  • Political thrillers

  • Historical fiction

  • Christian fiction 

  • Fantasy               

Click here to see the full list of published works... so far.

"Writing is fun! Plus, it's

great for venting."

Jeannette DiLouie

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