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Historical Fiction

It's December 1776, and the fate of the brand-new United States is in extreme peril. The British have seized New York City and are now driving General Washington's war-weary troops out of New Jersey as well, leaving Abigail Carpenter's household helpless.

This means she's forced to house five officers, including an unsettling lieutenant and an attentive sergeant she refuses to think well of. And then there's the wounded patriot spy on her doorstep, inviting her into a deadly world of espionage.

The longer the British stay, the more information she can gather. It's just a question of cost.

It's 1781, and the British have changed their focus to Virginia, precisely where the war-weary Abigail relocated to. Because it was safe just a year ago, back before the countryside was ravaged by Arnold and Cornwallis and worse. 

Now posing as a Tory after an intense turn of events, Abigail is sick of the intel the British keep feeding her while she chokes back American responses, avoids suspicious servants and smiles at one of her country's greatest threats over the breakfast table.

Her patriotic plate is looking fairly full down in Yorktown. And only Providence knows if she can stomach it.

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It’s 1814, and the War of 1812 isn’t going great for America, which may have won its freedom but still needs to earn respect. While the new nation has every reason to fight its former motherland again, what it doesn't have is timing, planning and intelligence.

Stationed in Washington City, U.S. Army Lieutenant Ashley Slasen is trying not to panic despite rumors that the British are coming for the capital. Or that his sister is there right now. Or that he's never seen a battle before.

The last thing he wants to do is tarnish his parents’ legacy. But when the fighting starts, will he be able to stand?

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